Tarot card reading march 18 2020

This method makes reading the Tarot accessible to everyone. The Tarot was created prior to the mass dissemination of literature, and people were more accustomed to seeing stories and symbols in the cards.

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Each week you will study a facet of the Tarot that brings a new and deeper understanding to the cards. This course work is for beginners as well as students with a long background of study. This course is not about memorizing a single card, and those who have studied the cards for years have remarked that they finally understand the cards without the use of reference materials. The cards come to you.

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You will begin each week with a short grounding meditation to help you focus and become present. You will then study a new aspect for reading and interpreting the cards which will alternately incorporate journaling, meditation, visualization, story boarding, or oracle work. Each week you will have reading practice, sometimes reading for yourself, and more frequently with other students to integrate each new technique. And at the very core of this work is understanding the cards as Families, nine groups of cards based on numerology that tell a complete story of sisters, brothers, ancestors, and your Self, in the form of your Soul Card — a card unique to you based on your date of birth.

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Homework is minimal, and simply consists of pulling a card a day for yourself using the newest weekly technique, building on previous weeks, and noticing your world through the eyes of the Tarot as you go about your days. You will also have weekly interactive reading practice and learn to use advanced skills by the end of the course.


Many, not all, are able to confidently read professionally upon completion of this course; this is especially true if you have some prior love of or history with the cards. Describes your personal strengths in love, compatibility, work, and more. Clairvoyant, Crystal Reading, I am AnnaSimone, a crystal ball and tarot reader with Chat Now! Angel Communication, Angel I am a psychic.

Invigorating and activates vitals in a supportive manner. Counteracts exhaustion.

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Higher wisdom and connection to higher planes. Inner peace and integration with cosmic energy.

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Spiritual wisdom can be obtained and understood through this channel. Reflection, communication, and sharing. Free love, and the neutralization of negative feelings. Expression of the personality manifests through action. Feelings and emotions flow freely, and manages relations of lovers and friends alike.

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The "I am" and "Being" center. The foundation for spiritual evolution to grow upwards from.

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