New moon march 4 astrology

Be wary of false prophets and open to inspiration at the same time. Whatever Mercury is helping you review leads you to a deeper understanding of it. Stay tuned in to what is going on underneath the surface of your situation as that is where the real value of your story lies.

Here The Messenger feels emboldened by the Warrior and encouraged to seek the truth of the situation. The information that has been excavated may be empowering and encouraging you to take action in ways that feel healing for having done so. Memories, and the emotions attached to them bring information that I never refuse. Timing is everything and any part of my past that is being recovered right now is worth investigating. Even briefly. I know not to hang on to what is moving through me, but I also know not to resist the current. I am both the container for my experience and the witness of how it pours forth.

Full Moon Astrology

Like water overflowing, I allow my imagination to play with the possibilities of what it looks like to live into, through, and beyond the stories of my life. To survive is to defy. What I allow to define me is my choice, my point of power, and my right to change when and where I need to. With this new moon I am reminded to take note of what I am calling myself, how I am referring to myself, and what that infers to myself. I am here for my liberation, and anything that needs to be released on the way to my personal freedom must be given back to its owner.

Within the incubators that house my creative energy I give myself permission to regenerate.

Full Moon Astrology

I pay close attention to what I hear repeatedly from loved ones, friends, colleagues, and those whose opinions I trust. I pay close attention to the parts of my ego that get bruised in the process, but closer attention to the parts of my heart that are given space to heal. Working through difficulties with others takes time and consideration. Careful attention to details and the patience to let the process unfold is a must if I want to grow through any challenge given to me. I know that rushing a solution finds me no solace in the long run, but neither does avoiding the event altogether.

With this new moon I am open to reviewing the ins and outs of my connections with others. Without needing to be a savior for anyone, right about anything, or ahead of any of it, I am dedicated to staying with myself through it.

Moon phase astrology – your soul’s purpose illuminated

As much shifts in my life and as a result, my ideas of myself, I am made aware of all the ways in which I have been misrepresented. All the ways in which I have shrunk myself down to a deceptive description of who I am. All the ways in which I have been cheated out of taking myself, my talent, and my options seriously. I refuse to let my reputation remain inside of safe containers. I know that to grow is to risk losing all that I have accumulated, but I also know that I am so much more than what surrounds me.

With this new moon I rededicate myself to the paths that challenge my growth the most.

Comfort that comes at the cost of withholding an essential truth keeps me up at night. I come to my professional and public roles with the intention of discovering, understanding, and communicating as honestly as possible. If what I do in the world is genuine, it will also be, by default, healing.

When I am able to be straightforward, I have a greater capacity to clear out the obstacles in front of me, personally and professionally. I work to leave a legacy of what it means to live and work truthfully. Not impressively. Not even spectacularly. I honor the editing process that I am in. Like weeding an overgrown garden, I remove what is unhelpful in order to bring out the beauty naturally present.

New Moon March 2019 ~ Font Of Wishes by Darkstar Astrology

I work with this new moon to clear what clutters my path. Doubts that have no sense need to be dumped. Fears that have no foundation need to be exposed as the frauds that they are. Shame that no longer serves a purpose needs to be shown the door. This clearing is mine to do. This helps me take responsibility for the direction I am heading in, but it also helps me feel empowered in the process of doing so.

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The more I own my desire to head in the direction of my dreams, the less likely I am to resent the work necessary to get there. With this new moon I claim the path that I am on, all that it asks of me, and all that it asks me to give up, miss out on, or forgo for it. I am crystal clear about the price and that the payoff is to merely be in this process with it. I use this Mercury retrograde to review my strategies, maps, and ways of getting from point A to B, making sure that they leave me open to get all the way to Z. Every feeling I have has a right to exist.

Allowing my feelings to roam freely opens up the option for their dissipation. Being honest about what I am feeling frees my energy up. This freedom finding is my job. The most important thing for me to professionally pursue. The liberation I allow myself lifts my career out of the realm of the ordinary and into the realm of the soulfully satiating. Through me, and those around me on the same page, a change is taking place.

A new age needs to be brought into this industry. I am made stronger by every moment of vulnerability I have allowed myself. Being honest in front of others takes courage. I am willing to look like a human who makes both mistakes and as many attempts to get it right as it requires.

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I am willing to be humbled by all that I still need to learn. I am willing to be misunderstood on the way to being known. When I am able to hang out in the moments of wanting to do so, without actually doing so, I know that growth is occurring. I know that change is possible. People can contact Amanda can't they to get advice on what sprays are good for them?

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I have most of her sprays and she used to help me with what were best. Now I just order on my own. Angela Candeias. Angela Candeias 5 March Thanks so much to you and Metatron. Such positive messages and you have a very bright light all around you.

Much love x. Patrice Morris. Patrice Morris 5 March Those who have had their planet destroyed and feel as though they do not belong and have been ridiculed for their powerful gifts are going to feel the heaviest during this time. Ixchel Energy 5 March I am glad you feeling better, we honor your decision and take it as an example- self care its priority.

LM LaRose. LM LaRose 5 March Holley Booth. Holley Booth 5 March I'm glad he is no longer suffering.