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In time, you will develop your own unique perspective on the patterns of astrology. Because astrology is such a vast topic, learning astrology can be daunting at first. You can study independently or with the support of our resident astrology geek, Molly Gauthier.

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Molly Gauthier has been studying, teaching, and loving astrology since the s. She practices Medical Astrology and Nutrition Therapy. Advanced Astrology Classes Learn astrology online at your own pace with Molly Gauthier, our head astrology nerd, in the advanced astrology lessons.

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Learning astrology is a journey Advanced Astrology classes online. Mercury enters Capricorn Realistic inspirations.

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Sun Capricorn conjunct Saturn Capricorn. Mercury Sagittarius trine Uranus Aries.

Sun Capricorn sextile Neptune Pisces. Uranus ends retrograde in Aries Internal reflections.

Venus enters Scorpio

Uranus direct in Aries Forward motion on freedom. Venus enters Sagittarius Attracting adventure! Mercury Capricorn square Mars Aries. Sun Capricorn conjunct Pluto Capricorn. Mercury Capricorn sextile Neptune Pisces. Sun Capricorn square Uranus Aries.

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Venus Sagittarius trine Mars Aries. Sun enters Aquarius Lightbulb ideas. Venus Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces.

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Mars Aries square Saturn Capricorn. Mercury Capricorn square Uranus Aries. Mercury enters Aquarius Einstein inspired thoughts.

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