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Justice , Fortitude, and Temperance were three classical " cardinal virtues " depicted in the more familiar tarot trumps. The only other deck to have the theological virtues was the Cary-Yale deck. This is the only deck to include all seven virtues. Minchiate is a southern tarot pattern so it shares many qualities with the Bolognese and Sicilian tarots as opposed to the western patterns like the tarot of Marseilles. While the Tower is called The House of God in the Marseilles tarot, it is called the House of the Devil or Hellmouth in the minchiate deck and it depicts a nude woman fleeing a burning building.

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The Moon depicts an astrologer studying the moon instead of the tarot of Marseilles howling dogs and lobster. The card corresponding to the Hermit is often called Time, or the Hunchback; it depicts an elderly man on crutches with an hourglass in the background.

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Like other southern decks, the final card in the series is not the World, but Judgement. The minchiate completes the series by adding all the zodiac signs in random order and the four classical elements. The eight highest ranking trumps have a red background while the top five the arie are unnumbered. A 98th card was made for some decks.

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It depicts a nude woman running in a wheel, probably representing Fortuna. While card decks were mentioned as being played in Sicily during the early 18th century, only a few examples from Genoa survive. It is uncertain how this card ranked and how it affected the versicole sequences in the game.

Also unknown is how it relates to the card version of the Minchiate Francesi described below. Educational decks were produced in Florence during the 18th century. One history deck has each suit teaching the history of Assyria, Persia, Greece, or Rome with the trumps teaching myths and legends. Geography decks contained maps of the known world. The first has 42 numbered trumps, the second has 40 numbered trumps and Momus as an unnumbered card and lacks the first's "Le Chaos" card, the third has 21 numbered trumps and Momus as an unnumbered card.

The intended game for the first deck is unknown, but the second appears to be intended to be played like the Italian Minchiate while the third deck appears to be intended for ordinary Tarot despite still being called a Minchiate deck.

The order of the motifs for the two latter decks have been rearranged compared to the first deck to more closely resemble their Italian counterparts. All three decks have the same 56 plain suit cards with French suits with each suit representing a different continent; spades for Africa, hearts for Europe, clubs for the Americas, and diamonds for Asia.

The engravings share motifs with both the Italian Minchiate and the Tarot Nouveau as well as taking unique motifs from Roman Mythology. Mysterious French suited decks produced by Piatnik of Vienna around also featured forty trumps. Compounding the mystery is that the packaging is in French. Minchiate can be played by two to four players with the most common version played by four players divided into two partnerships. As in most tarot games, the pip cards in cups and coins are in reverse order and play is counter-clockwise.

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The lowest five trumps were called papi "popes" while the highest five trumps Star, Moon, Sun, World, Trumpets were called arie "airs" and have a special high scoring value in the game. Minchiate is similar in many ways to tarocchini played in Bologna. In these games, combinations melds of cards are more important than the value of individual cards. The last trick is worth 10 points. Trump 29 is a unique card, by itself it is worth nothing but when used in combinations versicole , it is worth 5 points. Versicole are formed through a sequence of three or more of consecutive point cards.

In addition, there are four irregular versicole :. All versicole have to be declared at the beginning of the game. At the end of the round, each team will assemble versicole from their captured tricks. Trumps 1, 3, 13, 20, 28, , and 38 are considered valuable cards because they are required to form some versicole or to deny the opposition the same.

The Fool can be added to every versicola. The minchiate deck was also used to play two games that don't use normal tarot rules, Al Palio and A sei tocchi. This is the simplest version of the game; it was not considered serious but only as an introduction to the more complex four player versions. Jetons are used to keep track of scoring.

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The dealer gives 25 cards to his opponent and himself. His opponent leads the first trick but instead of letting the dealer play, she declares any meld she has and scores. The dealer then declares his melds and scores. Each takes back their own cards and the dealer finishes the first trick. Players must follow suit.

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If they are unable to do so, they must play a trump. If unable to play a trump, then any card can be discarded. The winner of each trick immediately scores from the captured cards and leads to the next trick. The Fool excuses the player from following suit, it can neither capture nor be captured. The player gives a worthless card from his trick pile in exchange to his opponent. At the end of the round, each player adds to their running total the captured cards, melds from the captured cards, and the last trick bonus.

The player who has captured more than 25 cards gets a bonus point for each extra card. The two players then compare their sums with the loser having to pay the winner the difference.

Although no divination system using this pack of cards ever existed in previous centuries, and because of this allegorical and cosmological content, in recent years tarot occultists have proposed systems of divination and cartomancy that use the minchiate deck. In Charles Godfrey Leland 's book book Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches , an incantation is given that mentions the use of "40 cards", which are renamed in the spell as 40 gods who are being invoked to compel the goddess Laverna to do the caster's bidding.

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