3 planet alignment february 2020 astrology

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, where the Sun and the North Node also resides.

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All these will determine us to stop from the daily commotion and to focus more on our personality, on our characteristics and on the way we present ourselves. It is recommended to delay the acquisition of any household appliances, tools or valuable assets because there is a predisposition for them to break much faster. We can encounter obstacles on the road, the car breaks, we lose the plane or we are not able to travel for different reasons also taking into account the personal chart.

Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period. These periods have the main theme of mis-communications and misunderstandings, poorly planned purchases and contracts. It is time to avoid making long-term decisions.

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It is a review time with bigger repercussions. Some cycles are great for moving ahead, this is not one of those; buyer beware or in carpentry terms measure thrice cut once.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Where have I turned aside from rectitude? What have I been doing? What have I left undone, which I ought to have done? Begin thus from the first act, and proceed; and, in conclusion, at the ill which thou hast done, be troubled, and rejoice for the good.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

Saturn therefore requires more than two years to move through a single zodiac constellation. About every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn line up in a rare planetary conjunction.

When that happens, Jupiter and Saturn are lined up with each as seen from the sun. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21, At that time, these planets will line up quite close to the sun, as seen from the Earth. They will be low in the sunset sky. However, Jupiter and Saturn will be close to the sun in our sky then.

Over the coming year, Jupiter and Saturn will be steadily moving closer and closer toward convergence. During the summer of , it should be a lot of fun to watch these two planets draw together into alignment. By December , this planetary pair will be hanging low in the evening sky, soon to disappear into the sunset. On the evening of December 16, , the waxing crescent moon will align with these planets, making an amazing sight in the twilight sky on the threshold of winter.

Jupiter and Saturn last aligned on May 21, After the date of conjunction in , Jupiter will progress to the east and draw further and further away from Saturn throughout the decade of the 20s. After that, the two planets will approach each other through the s, reaching conjunction again on November 5, Beyond that, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions will occur on April 10, , March 15, , and September 24, This is something to discuss with your grandchildren!

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Bottom line: Watch for Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky. They are well placed for viewing in the evening now as seen from the entire Earth. Jupiter is brighter than any star.

There has been some speculation, [ by whom? In a series every fourth conjunction returns after some 60 years in the vicinity of the first. To each triangular pattern astrologers have ascribed one from the series of four elements and thus four triplicities or trigons are formed. Particular importance has been accorded to the occurrence of a great conjunction in a new trigon, which is bound to happen after some years at most. Originally a trigon was thought [ by whom? As the great conjunction of was the last in the watery trigon it was widely supposed to herald apocalyptic changes; a papal bull against divinations was issued in and as nothing really significant had happened by with the advent of a new trigon, the public interest rapidly died.

According to financial astrologer Daniel T. Ferrera, [8] whenever a great conjunction occurs during an election or inauguration year, the president is likely to die in office.

List of conjunctions (astronomy) - Wikipedia

Careful analysis shows that, although it remained correct from to , this rule started to "lose its power" after However, even though those presidents did not die in office, they still came close in each case. See the table below for details:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.