Astrology and astral projection

This allows us to become aware of certain powers that we have, such as the power of healing yourself and others, the power of grace, the ability to forgive ourselves and others. It is also the power of harmony with the ability to overcome Karma and obtain balance in your Soul. Powers like astral-projection, which is basically flying, without planes, both in this dimension and beyond it. This is not a topic for beginner or for the squeamish, it is a good one to remember. In Astral-projection, it is important to know about the different levels of the souls, the different activities and powers that we have as being part of God.

There is no limitation of the God force as far as what we are capable of doing. In fact, the only limitations we have are what we have created in our minds. Anything in any dimension is a hallucination, except the God-force and Light which are synonymous. We tend to create this hallucination and the illusions that hold us back and tie us down.

We walk around with an attitude of, ah! This is the type of dogmatic thinking that keeps you from reaching your highest potential, in God-consciousness and awareness. On the other hand, there are those of you who have an open mind. The Astrology Hour is dedicated to the open minded thinking and is really the basic reason why this show is here. We are not trying to shove anything down any ones' throat, we just throw out food for thought every day. As an open minded thinker I say that whatever you believe will come true and will in fact manifest. So if you visualize yourself flying through the ether and leaving your body, why, that has a lot to do with being able to do it.

The inner-astral-plane

You have to make up your mind talk to yourself and convince yourself that it is possible to have astral flight, conscious projection away from the body. Also, you must give yourself permission. In your meditation, or in your chanting, no matter what you chant, or meditate on, you must always include sayings like "I am one with God, I am one with the Universe and it is OK to leave my body"—just things like that.

Of course you must absorb the aforementioned in order for your higher self and Spirit guides to assist you from the body spiritually to experience that Astral-projection. It may take longer than the 20 minutes that you meditate or chant, to have an Astral-projection. I often find that late at night during that heavy eyelid state, when it's hard to keep your eyes open, is when I love to meditate the most. If you can meditate when you are your really tired or exhausted, then your body is already prepared for a casual state, a calm state, a stressless state, because it's trying to sleep and shut down, so your Astral-body and part of your Soul can leave and re-charge anyway.

So when you feel yourself really tired, go into your TM state and before you say the mantras, use these phrases; I am protected by the light of God's love, I am one with God. I am one with the Universe, it is OK to leave my body. Then say your mantra, and every few minutes repeat that other phrase, to let your higher self and your Guides know that you are ready to leave, then you will be ready for what happens next.

Of course people hear different kinds of stories such as the tunnel and the light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible for you to visualize that if this is what you believe you will see or manifest.

For me, I just find myself, Boom! It's a funny feeling really, realizing that you are not breathing anymore when you leave your body, unless you are under the illusion that you are breathing, you are not really breathing in a physical sense.

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Then going through the roof, suddenly finding yourself out side without opening any doors is a lot of fun too. You can go as far as the limitations of your mind can take you.

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She had to physically go up to Machu Picchu, take a hot bath up in one of the natural Jacuzzi baths, with candles lit in a meditative state. They then showed her having an astral-projection, but of course I don't have to go that far away. It is possible to manifest what you want depending on what you believe. If Shatabhisha, then "Vam" for Varuna, etc.

This has a subtle effect on a person, similar to anesthesia, in that it immediately begins causing a person to withdraw from their senses.

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If you have meditated before or said other mantras, you will most likely find that this Mantra produces the most startling results for quieting the mind, and many experience it almost like a thick black veil coming over the eyes a few minutes of saying it internally. This is the state you are aiming for, which is what it feels like to pull your Yin chi up and leave your body.

You will also learn to pull your Yin Chi over your eyes easily while you are awake in order to see non-physical entities. As with anything regarding Ketu and the personal Demon or Daemon of a person, they must be careful in regards to deception, as one's past Karmas and illusions can easily overwhelm a person due to Ketu stirring up the older layers of a person from previous lives.

This is why saying this mantra often causes past life memories to surface very quickly.

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The dangers of Ketu are the dangers of the astral plane in general, which are related to falling under the glamor, illusions, and temptations of the Astral plane itself. If you have the desire and the opportunity to experience astral travel in a way that is safe for your physical body, this will allow you to develop a new consciousness and an experience similar to what awaits us after death.

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Astral Projection

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