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Your determination will waiver over the course of the year and accomplishing things will become more and more difficult as the days pass. The changes you encounter in really will be life changing for you, life path 6.

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We reveal all. Patience, reflection and good decisions will be major factors in your Numerology year.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Remember, good things come to those who dare! The future is bright! You will finally have the time to make a fair assessment of your life and ask yourself some honest questions in Are you happy where you are, or do you need to do more to get to where you want to be? Are things going as you planned, or are you just pretending that they are? You will be less flexible this year life path 8 but more realistic and down-to-earth.

What is a Daily Numerology Reading?

Your future will begin to change in February and on the whole, things look very positive. Old memories could resurface in and revisiting them may be painful but will definitely make you stronger. Are you wondering who your N umerology life path number is sexually compatible with? Our Numerology test reveals who your Numerology number is compatible with sexually. Once you figure out your numerology sex number you'll finally find out who can satisfy you sexually!

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Your forecast is based upon the PERSONAL YEAR you’re currently experiencing.

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Numerology is an amazing tool and gives us complete insight into our future paths.

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Whether you work consciously with Universal Years, the Soul Numerology of your name refer Shealla-Dreaming , the numerology of your date of birth, your current personal year… or just work with the sacred messages of numbers eg car number plates, clocks, car oedometers etc … numerology is a mystical guide, sacred tool and divine messenger to help you navigate the journey of the Soul.

In numerology, the energy of the Universal Year the calendar year weaves a universal theme of potential through our lives. How you then work with the energy of the Universal Year will be dependent on your own Personal Year — hence keep reading down the page to understand more about YOU in Master numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in your life. The number 11 is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious.

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It is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths. We have the choice to live our lives being kind to one another, to live in harmony with the Earth and in service to something greater than us. Our Universal 11 Year is our wakeup call to remember Shambhala, to remember how beautiful the world feels when we experience our lives through our hearts and how when we choose to create Shambhala in everything we do we awaken the best in ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

Our experience of Shambhala is a choice and each of us has the free will and the freedom to choose. The choice is yours!

Numerology Personal Year Forecast: Your Cosmic Destiny

Forinstance, look at the image at the top of this page — by way of background, my son took this photo of himself, a long exposure of him looking up at the Galactic Plane of our Milky Way Galaxy with his reflection in the water. Just like looking at our reflection in the water, we are drawn during to take a good hard look at areas in our life where we have held ourselves back, stayed small for fear of rejection, or limited our growth for fear of failure.

This is a place where miracles really do happen, deepest hurts are healed and forgiveness comes with ease as there is no limitation to how brightly you can shine. There are a number of celestial transits during that are taking our Universal 11 Year energy to an even higher level of potential. Pluto in Capricorn is about death and rebirth or endings and beginnings. This dismantling then creates opportunities to rebuild solid foundations from the ground up and inside-out… structures that support communities, humanity and the sustainable life of this planet….

Chiron wounded healer is transiting through Pisces Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable until There are no short-cuts with this transit, no quick fixes or easy way outs… this is a transit that compels us to create a plan, ensure EVERY area of our life is brought into balance that includes self-care and then to use this solid and harmonised foundation to truly flourish. The 11 Vibration will amplify the energy of the Jupiter transit through Scorpio compelling people to wake people up from their deep sleep or hypnotic trance of illusion.

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To speak up eg metoo and bring light to the shaddow by seeking truth from those in positions of power. There is so much much more happening Celestially during that is exponentiating the energy of our Universal 11 Year… but I will write about this throughout in my Monthly Celestial blog post.

The Numerology of January 11, - Forever Conscious

The choices we make during a Universal 11 Year have the potential to springboard great leaps in the collective consciousness of our planet. Are your thoughts, actions, emotions going to be representative of your greater personal and hence collective vision, or is your VIBRATION working the 11 energy from a place of fear? When you understand the natural flow of our own Personal Cycles in relationship to the current Universal Year , you release the need to force EVERY year to be about dynamic growth and material gain. To get the month you would simply add the year to the month. The universal day would be adding the year plus the month plus a day.

Monthly Numerology Forecast

General meaning of Universal, Year, Month and Day 1-Leadership, pioneering spirit, creative and innovative. New beginnings. Personal Year, Month and Day Just as the universal year, month and day has effect on the world. You as an individual are affected by your own personal year, month and day.