February 15 lunar eclipse 2020 astrology

Over the weekend, you may be more inclined to promote your ideas at work, as Mars travels through a bold part of your chart.

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Go with it! Read your full Scorpio weekly horoscope. Eek, watch that wallet, Sagittarius! This week is a little tense, which could send you on a detox shopping spree. Hold back that urge. Read your full Sagittarius weekly horoscope. The weekend will be about opening up to other people; take the advice you get from them. Read your full Capricorn weekly horoscope.

That lunar eclipse is lighting up your inspirations, Aquarius! Dreams may seem more possible on Tuesday because of it. Mercury is traveling through your lifestyle zone, so this week is also a great time to make sure your routines are in line and making you happy! Lastly, networking this weekend would be most successful. Read your full Aquarius weekly horoscope.

There are a lot of chances for people to be sensitive this week with the lunar eclipse—especially you, Pisces —so just make sure that you mean what you say.

Mars enters Scorpio

Mercury moves into Cancer in your romance zone on Friday, and this could mean someone from the past steps back into the picture. Endorphins are always a win! Read your full Pisces weekly horoscope.

Do or Die - Lunar eclipse 2019 - Vedic Astrology - July 16 - analysis by Punneit

Lead photo courtesy of mooncrab. Strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love. However, lunar eclipse June poses a real threat to strained relationships. Impatience, sexual frustration and lack of self-control could turn love to hate, resulting in impulsive actions and hostility. The June 5 lunar eclipse also brings the danger of war between enemies, as well as earthquakes.

Like a regular full moon only stronger, the Sun opposite Moon of a lunar eclipse brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

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The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. A lunar eclipse represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

This creates heated emotions that can quickly turn to anger. The opposition to Venus retrograde focuses this anger on love relationships.

Solar eclipse of July 2, 12222

They make it harder to show love and affection while making it easier for minor irritations to turn into all-out conflict. It brings simmering anger to the surface so care is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm. You could lose your temper with a loved one or face emotional attacks from others. There is a danger when taking risks or acting impulsively.

But holding onto anger and frustration is not advised, so some degree of emotional discomfort is to be expected.

The key to handling this quick anger is to release your frustrations in a controlled way. Avoid being overly defensive or mean if someone shares their feelings with you. Courage is needed to face what is making you feel threatened.

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Lunar eclipse opposite Venus brings the potential for laziness, gluttony, carelessness with money and indiscretion in love. You will likely want more love and affection but have trouble giving it. Venus also rises before the Sun as the morning star, another portent of war. According to Deborah Houlding:. The Mesopotamians knew her, not only as the Goddess of Love and Procreation but also as the Goddess of War, while her periodic re-emergence was associated with the seasonal fertility of the Earth.

Her evening manifestation was said to bring men and women to the act of love in bed, but her morning appearance woke them up to go to war. Although the lunar eclipse is in the Sign of Sagittarius, the image below shows that is lies within the Constellation of Scorpio. Due to the precession of the equinoxes , the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named. The Scorpius stars are only minor ones but the lunar eclipse is conjunct a major star in Hercules Constellation.

Horoscopes for the July 12222 Full Moon in Capricorn

Ras Algethi is in the Head of Hercules but in the image above is actually shown in the Head of Ophiuchus. The small stars in Scorpius listed below are found in the upper joints of the tail. Fixed star Ras Algethi gives boldness and a drive to gain power. Like the Scorpius stars it has a Saturn-Venus nature. Constellation Hercules gives strength of character, tenacity, and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature, and dangerous passions.

Afflicted children may be born to marriages conducted on this day. It indicates property will have to be sold if real estate is bought or addressed. Avoid starting a new activity. This mansion is important for politicians and public figures. The June 5 lunar eclipse is not a good omen for strained relationships. Even maintaining harmony in healthy relationships will require extra effort.

Patience and unconditional love are needed to stop frustration and irritation quickly escalating to anger and hostility.

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  6. So the lunar eclipse June astrology could test even the strongest of love relationships. As for enemies, the danger of impulsive actions leading to conflict is very real. The effects of the June 5 lunar eclipse may not last the usual six months of an eclipse because it is superseded by the July 5 lunar eclipse. But the June 5 lunar eclipse will form an eclipse phase of at least two weeks duration with the June 21 solar eclipse.

    If the Lunar Eclipse June astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.