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You two are more in tune mentally than you are physically, but somehow, you two find much more pleasure in intellectual pursuits together. With Pisces: There may be a lot of sensitivity and jealousy from Pisces, especially due to your amiable and gregarious manner with people. Pisces may have that certain hazy depth in his eyes that you may want to penetrate.

Problems may occur in your career and maybe even relatives or antagonistic "friends. This pairing may have much tension in those areas. Sexually, Pisces can make you feel smothered. You may need constant breaths of fresh air, as Pisces' tight and loving embraces tend to become stifling. If you two work really hard by trying to see through each other's eyes, you two can find contentment and fulfillment in your lovemaking and also the relationship itself.

Usually quarrels start due to money, since Aries is extravagant while you're thrifty. Sexually, however, it may be a dreamy blend of idealism. But it can only go so far. After a while, you may stop playing the idealism game and focus on more realistic matters, while Aries wants to stay in the fantasy world. With Taurus: There may be much humor and laughter in this pairing, especially when you're in a good mood and his funny bone is tickled.

Taurus is like a big, strong sturdy rock for you to hold on to, which is a real positive plus. However, Taurus usually doesn't know what to say or doesn't understand when or why you have your emotional moods. With Gemini: Gemini may be too quick-witted and socially active for you to really comprehend. This mercurial creature is not the type to hold your hand all the time while you combat your moods.

This can actually be a magical pairing for as long as you can tolerate Gemini's changeability and need for excitement. With Cancer: Marriage is usually quick with you two, even if you've only known each other for a short time.

What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You two love the comforts of home, security, and finances. Problems start usually when the two of you get into your moods at the same time. Even though you love each other, you two can turn snappish with one another and may even complain about the minor things, like food, the furniture, etc. You may both need to call on your great powers of intuition to understand where you both are coming from sexually. There may be a lot of negative hide-and-seek when it comes to sex.

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Sometimes one of you can feel hidden hurt and resentment when the other doesn't come to bed, only to find out that he was fixing something in the house. There may be too much suspicion, jealousy, possessiveness, and tears in this relationship, but one thing you can count on: you'll never let go of each other. With Leo: This person is quite an egocentric individual.

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You may have to tolerate his constant basking under the spotlight, even while you're suffering from your moods of sadness or depression. You may need to open up more, so Leo knows how you feel, but even so, Leo may turn perplexed and confused. Sexually, it's a very good pairing, as the sexual chemistry between you surprisingly never gets old. This relationship often brings a lot of tears, but tears of joy are also a big possibility.

With Virgo: At first, Virgo may be a soothing balm for hurt feelings and emotional mood swings. After a while, however, Virgo's critical nature may disorient you and make you retreat into your safe shell of secrets. Sexually, you're affectionate and loving, while Virgo is cool and analytical. But surprisingly, it can work, as you two may have some sort of hand-fitting-in-glove kind of mating wherein you just fit so perfectly together.

What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Both of you may need the extra power of intuition to really grasp each other's wants and needs. With Libra: There may be quite a few squabbles in the leadership department of this relationship. But if you play your cards right, Libra may concede defeat.

The two of you like peaceful surroundings, so a quiet place where you two can just be yourselves is great for your equilibrium. But Libra is a social creature, so that quiet little getaway may make him want to escape from time to time. Libra is freedom-loving, while you are possessive. This pairing usually has too much of something, anything, and this can exhaust both of you.

Sexually, Libra's touches are feather-light, while yours are grasping, clinging, needy. If Libra knows how to fulfill and satisfy you, your union may have that heavenly feeling, angels singing included. With Scorpio: Both of you are quite enigmatic, which thrills the socks off of you two!

There need not be any verbal declarations, as both your sensitive, intuitive powers are quite strong. It's like you two can read each other's minds! You may have to call on patience, however, when you and Scorpio get into your dark moods at the same time. While you need someone soothing to comfort you with your 'misery loves company' approach, Scorpio, on the other hand, doesn't want his solitude disturbed.

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Emotionally, you two are rather alike, with your suspicious, jealous, and possessive natures, which could cause conflict if they're brought out in an intense and extreme way. Sexually, the Scorpio isn't one to recite poetry or romantic verses, and you may need constant reassurance now and then. You may have to be contented with unspoken words of love during your union. With Sagittarius: Your sensitive nature may be too fragile for the Archer's blunt speech.

Still, you may be strangely comforted by Sagittarius' humor and flattered at his many questions and praises. Later, however, those curious questions may feel like prying to you. Sagittarius can get familiar too quickly for your taste, but time may make you trust this optimistic creature. Surprisingly, this pairing can work, especially when Sagittarius loves reciting poetry and all sorts of love declarations. It stirs your romantic soul. If you're able to give Sagittarius enough freedom, space, and room to breathe, you two may be able to sustain an affectionate and lasting relationship.

With Capricorn: With your many needs, Capricorn may be able to provide most of them. But there may be a bit of tension when it comes to dominance. If you really love this ambitious individual, you may let him take the reins in the relationship. You two can quarrel over the most minor things. Capricorn will be very patient when it comes to your moods, however, which is a good thing.

What Kind of Mom You're Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sexually, there may be a bit of adjustment needed. Just like ballroom dancing, you may have to let Capricorn take the lead and you'll have to follow with softness and grace, so you don't hurt yourself. With Aquarius: This may be a frustrating pairing, especially when Aquarius disappears from sight and you have to wait for an eternity for him to return.

You like the comforts of home, but you may have to leave it every so often if you want to stay by Aquarius' side. And there's no way to change Aquarius once he sets his mind on something. The unpredictable, peculiar side of Aquarius may stir some bubbles of laughter within you, and that's always a good sign. Sexually, the attraction is strong, but the usual problem in the bedroom is who takes the lead. Aquarius likes to experiment, while you like things classically romantic.

You two may have to make a compromise. With Pisces: There is much sympathy and affection in this pairing.

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Pisces will be more than willing to lend you an ear to listen to your woes and also a shoulder to cry on. You both are very sensitive to each other's feelings and needs. But conflict may occur when one or both of you don't live up to the other's expectations. Pisces can turn dreamy and forgetful, and it may frustrate you when he forgets an important date or anniversary. Resentment may take over and it may definitely create storms in your perfect little paradise of tranquility. Sexually, however, there is a feeling of deep love and a mutual understanding of what you both want and need.

While you desire to protect and shelter, Aries would rather be independent and do the conquering instead. You are both extremely jealous individuals, so angry sparks may fly if you both have very extensive social lives. With Taurus: There may be different likes and dislikes between you two. Whether it's your taste in music, fashion or lifestyle, there may be a slight clash somewhere in that area of your relationship, although you both like big and expensive gadgets. You like flashy things and making statements, while Taurus likes things peaceful.

With Gemini: The first meeting between you two may be quite dramatic. You may try to upstage each other in the communications department, but you'll be sure that conversations between you two will be never be boring, never mind the sarcasm. Love may turn quite deep with this pairing, as long as romantic affection never runs dry and you both understand where each of you are coming from. With Cancer: You may have to tolerate Cancer's constant moods of sadness or depression, which may put a damper on your sunny disposition.